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About TVS Rubber and Adel International North LLC

Adel International North LLC is the North American sales representative of TVS Rubber and is responsible for sales, distribution and supply chain management of all TVS Rubber products sold in North America.   We are a leader in Molded Rubber Products

Our ecosystem at Adel is built with a commitment to satisfy our clients. This commitment has established us as one of the largest manufactures of Molded Rubber Products in India.  TVS Rubber, a division of Sundaram Industries Private Limited, has rapidly expanded its product range and client base every year since 1962.  TVS Rubber proudly offers a wide range of products to fulfill the needs of our clients.  We posses an enhanced knowledge of rubber technology and will work with you from design to fulfillment.  We put a major emphasis on adopting environmentally friendly practices in our work and we adhere to regulations put in place in various countries.  

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