Research and Development

Research and Development

Research of Molded Rubber Products

Digital Designing of components with CAD/CCAM, FEA with an excellent in-house R&D center which is recognized by the Government of India department of science and technology.

TVS Rubber is capable of design and manufacturing of various Molded Rubber Products using the entire range of poymers such as NR, SBR, Nitrile, Chloroprene, Polyacrylic, Viton / FKM, Silicone, EPDM and Butyl.   It has been able to develop its core competence and align objectives at all levels to realize synergy in operations from concept design to development of Molded Rubber Products

TVS Rubber widely uses CAD/CAM in tool designs and manufacturing.  This allows the designer to transfer the process of innovation and new technologies in a short period and enable them to compete in the market.  Development of Molded Rubber Products

Compressing the total new product lead time through creation of sound FEA database.  FEA database is created for a various range of Molded Rubber Products like engine mountings, bellows, dust covers etc., through various test results.  This database reduces the number of iterations while developing new products. 

FEA Expertise-Analysis / Material

Linear as well as Non Linear analysis, Pure Rubber as well as metal, fabric composites, Stress and Thermal Analysis, Hyper Elastic-Visco Elastic, Fatigue-Fracture assessments, Impact-High strain with its deformation, natural frequency vibration, Diffusion-Permeability in polymers. 

Optimization of Prototype Design using 3D modeling tools.  Prototype tooling is optimized by providing 3D CAD data.  It reduces the manufacturing lead time and minimizes iterations. 

Development of Molded Rubber Products

Failure analysis for enhancing product life through Fatigue Assessment.  TVS Rubber widely uses CAE in predictive analysis.  Virtual prototyping through Finite Element Analysis results in increased product life.

Specifications Handled

ASTM , BS, DIN, IS, JIS, GOST and Special Customer Requirements

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